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Basic facial care certificate

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Before using the ultrasonic device "DAN health", the face skin is cleaned with a specialized DAN HEALTH cleansing milk, then a facial massage is performed with a moisturizing lifting gel. At the end of the session, a moisturizing toner is applied.

Due to the combination of ultrasound and nutritional cosmetics , not only the general condition of the skin, but also corrected age-related changes in the oval of the face and neck are corrected:

there is a deep nutrition and moisturizing of facial tissues;

improves the turgor of the muscles and skin of face;

there is a soft tightening of the muscles and the radiance of the skin;

accelerates the production of own collagen;

the skin looks nourished and well-groomed, evens out the complexion.

An excellent alternative to radical methods of correction of age-related changes. Launches its own internal resources, of tissue regeneration.

Recommended course of 5 sessions.   

Session duration 20 – 30 minutes.

There are contraindications, you should consult a doctor.

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