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Certificate "Balance and health of the neck and collar area and hands completely"

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The session is a health massage of the cervical-collar area and hands completely according to the Eastern method using an ultrasonic device "DAN health" and the use of bio active oil brand DAN HEALTH. Indications for use may be Osteochondrosis, Arthritis, Arthrosis, muscle spasms, headaches, chronic fatigue, degenerative changes in tissues.   affected tissue. The combination of "DAN health" and a special bio active oil promotes rapid recovery and starts the healing and rejuvenation processes:
improve blood circulation,
metabolic processes are accelerated,
lymph flow is normalized,
muscle spasms are removed, there is complete relaxation.
Already after the first session, customers note an improvement in overall health, pain and stiffness disappear in movements, mobility and ease appear in the cervical-collar zone.
Recommended course of 5 sessions.
The session lasts 30 minutes.
There are contraindications, you should consult a doctor.

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