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Distribution & Delivery

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Distribution and delivery

1. The goods you purchase on this website will be distributed according to the delivery address you specified on this website. The delivery time listed in the order information is the reference time. The calculation of the reference time is based on the stock status, the normal processing process, the delivery time and the delivery place. You should clearly and accurately fill in the distribution information such as your delivery address, contact person and contact method. You know and confirm that the goods you buy should only be accepted by the contact person you fill in after the identification check. The loss caused by the change of contact person or related distribution information is borne by you.

2. The website will not be able to undertake the responsibility of delaying or failing to distribute due to the delay of orders or the failure of distribution due to the following circumstances:
(1) The customer provides the error information and the address which is not detailed;
(2) The cost and related consequences of duplicate distribution caused by the unacknowledged or rejected delivery of goods.
(3) Force majeure, such as acts, decisions or orders of governments and judicial organs, such as natural disasters and bad weather, traffic martial law, accidents, strikes, amendments of laws and policies, terrorist incidents, robberies, robberies, violent crimes, sudden wars, etc.

3. When the goods you buy on this website are delivered by the related party or third party distribution company of Panda 36, the time of signing and receiving of the system or documents record is the time of delivery; when the goods you buy are delivered by online transmission, the seller specifies the time of delivery for the system to you; when you purchase the service, The time specified in the generated electronic or physical evidence is the delivery time.

4. Distribution mode: 1. Self-lifting 2. Distribution to nearby post office outlets 3. Delivery to door